Beef Share Basics: Why Our Members Love Beef Shares (Top 5 Reasons)

Today, I'm going to tell you why Beef Shares are so great!

I know I'm biased, but I have sources...

I've been speaking to last year's Beef Share members, and came up with a list of the 5 top reasons people loved their share. 

1. Connect yourself directly to your food (and farmer)

This was BY FAR the most common reason.

Whether they care most about their health, the environment, or animal welfare - folks just don't trust the corporate food system. Misleading labels, poor treatment of people, even worse treatment of animals, and misleading labels, make it impossible to shop with confidence at the grocery store.

When you reserve a Beef Share, you are connected to real farmers that are transparent about the process. If you have a question or concern, just ask (or come see the farm).

2. Peace of mind through food security, ditching the unstable food supply chain

This one comes up more with each passing season.

After years of uncertainty, inflation and misbehavior by big food companies, the industrial food system isn't even cheap and convenient anymore!

Customers love to rest easy, knowing that their Beef Share provides an at home "freezer section" and insurance against the next big hiccup in the industrial system.

3. BEST eating experience

As a farmer it's easy to get focused on the things I'm passionate about - animal welfare, environmental health, nutrition, etc.

So it's often our customers who remind me of the basics - Beef raised the right way just tastes better!

Beef Share members don't just feel better about the beef on their plate, they enjoy it more. Our cattle are regeneratively raised on healthy soils, and are raised for a year longer than an animal in an industrial system. The quality, nutrient dense forage and extra time, creates truly flavorful beef that is incomparable to what you'd find at the store.

4. Absolute confidence in the food you're serving

Our beef is not just 100% grass-fed, its also 100% free from all kinds of junk that makes its way into the industrial food system.

In a world where more and more people suffer from food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, or serious allergies to corn, soy and various additives, our beef is an option that people can eat and serve with total confidence.

5. Makes a healthy lifestyle easier

When you talk to this many customers, you start to see trends.

Many of our customers are busy parents who want to prioritize a healthy, nourishing diet for their family. They love having a diverse mix of cuts, and a bounty of ground beef on hand for quick, family-friendly meals.

I've heard this for years, but I gotta say, 2 weeks in to having a baby of my own, I totally get it! I am already so grateful for how easy it is to defrost some ground beef, or throw something in the slow cooker, and feed my family quality "fast" food.

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