Beef Shares Basics - What is a Beef Share?

What is a Beef Share?

A Beef Share is literally your chance to reserve a guaranteed share of one of our 100% Grass-Fed cows.

You place a deposit for the size share that fits your family (see the options below), and receive your beef after our big harvest in the Fall (beef is ready in Late October through Early December).

We only sell as many shares as we are absolutely sure we can fulfill. So once you place your deposit, you can rest easy knowing that your beef supply will be ready in a couple of months.

What do you get in your share?

You get to choose what portion of a cow you need to feed your family.

We offer 5 standard sizes:
No matter the size you choose, your share is going to be roughly 30% steaks, 30% savory cuts (that includes stuff like roasts, stew meat, short ribs) and 40% ground beef.

Why do we only sell beef like this?

This is a common, and really good, question.

I'm actually going to devote a whole post to the benefits of the Beef Share lifestyle, but here are the top 5 reasons we are all in on bulk Beef Shares...
  • Allows us to provide the BEST beef possible. We harvest, pack and ship right at the peak grass seasons of the year, instead of shipping beef year round like an industrial farm.
  • We are a small farm with a team of 2. Focusing on Beef Shares allows us to serve fewer customers better, and still have time to run the farm and produce the best beef possible.
  • Selling shares means the whole cow gets honored and utilized in nourishing families, and makes sure everyone gets their fair share of the premium cuts.
  • Even when we used to offer smaller sizes, the bulk Beef Shares were always our best seller, because...
  • A freezer full of a 100% grass-fed beef share offers customers peace of mind through food security, flexibility with what to cook for dinner, a constant source of quick nutritious meals (thank you ground beef), and a connection to their farmer that can't be matched

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