What Makes New York Grass-Fed Beef The Best

Last week someone was telling me a story (I forget who, people tell me a surprising number of beef related stories).

A few of their friends were at a fancy restaurant in California, when they noticed "New York Beef" prominently displayed on the menu

They assumed that it was a certain cut, like the classic NY Strip steak.

But the waiter explained that it was truly just beef FROM New York.

Apparently the word has gotten all the way across the country, New York is raising the best beef around!

Personally, I think we are long overdue for New York Beef becoming a thing.

Idaho has potatoes. Maine has lobster. Vermont is basically made of maple syrup.

A few states have tried to claim beef. Nebraska is famous for it. Texas has their longhorn cattle.

But the truth is, those aren't the best places to raise cattle. Not by a longshot.

There's only two reasons we have so many cows in the middle of our country: space and trucking.

That is it. There's a ton of nice flat land, and it's a nice centrally located place to package up beef and truck it all around (or ship it by railroad back in the day).

The beef isn't anything special. Most of the land is not ideal for grass, and it hardly rains.

But when you are finishing beef with corn, antibiotics, etc. to produce a bland uniform product, easier logistics win the day. 

That's not the case in New York!

We have extraordinarily rich soil, and plenty of annual rainfall. Our pastures are filled with dozens of grasses and legumes, and surrounded by just as many trees, bushes, and shrubs.

The soil itself stays moist and supports a diverse web of microscopic and insect life.

Plus we have better cow weather. Cows don't mind cold nearly as much as heat. And they definitely prefer mild and wet, to hot and dusty.

All this adds up to make New York, and especially the Hudson Valley, the perfect place to produce grass-fed beef!

And I for one am glad to see that word is getting out.

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