5 Ways A Beef Share Will Change Your Life

I wasn't always a farmer.

Before Jesse and I started the farm in 2016, I lived in New York City, had a tiny walk up apartment, and worked hard to eat food I felt good about.

I bought my first bulk beef share in 2014. My roommate and I split an 1/8th beef to cram in our tiny freezer, and the process was kind of a pain....

I had to meet a guy in his apartment lobby right after he drove upstate to get the beef from the farm. After handing him a wad of cash (based my share on the hanging weight of the beef carcass), I carried my 50 pound share across town in a suitcase.

Despite all that, I was hooked on the bulk beef lifestyle. Since then I've pretty much always had a freezer full of a variety of beef cuts.

So here are my 5 favorite reasons to eat like this (and a bonus way we solved the biggest problems we used to face).


Having a freezer full of nutritious, 100% grass fed beef makes meal planning and preparation much easier. The variety of convenient cuts means something always fits with whatever else you have on hand.

At least once a week we are saved from giving in to the takeout urge, because we've got ground beef or sausage that can easily become a variety of meals.

2. Food security

This is one that many of us have been lucky to take for granted. But last year we saw meat shortages in the headlines because of disruptions to the large, centralized processing system that controls 85% of beef in the US!

Right now we’re seeing a new surge in supply chain issues related to international shipping. With 75% of grass-fed beef imported from overseas (more on that below), prices stand to skyrocket if you rely on the grocery store to buy your meat.

3. Know where your meat came from.

That imported grass-fed beef comes primarily from Australia and Uruguay. Not only is that wildly inefficient and unsustainable, but you lose the connection to farm and a place that our customers appreciate.

When you buy from us, you get peace of mind knowing who you're dealing with, and that the meat in your freezer is exactly what we're feeding ourselves and our families. We never use antibiotics, hormones or any other gross chemicals, and we know and trust the butchers who package the final product.

4. It's fun

Buying bulk beef and filling your freezer with a variety of cuts, means that you get to expand your cooking repertoire and try new recipes.

Over time you'll make dishes that become instant family favorites.

Last week we made short rib ragu for the first time, and it was such a hit (and so easy to make) that it's on the menu again this week.

5. The best grass-fed beef you can find.

All grass-fed beef is not the same. It takes patience, skill, and lots of work to get cattle fat on grass.

Its so hard to do that the big meat companies market grass-fed as "lean" in an attempt to turn their failure into a feature.

With our beef you get flavorful meat, packed with healthy grass-fed fats that you can feel good about eating. Plus its all backed by our best in the business, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

6. *Bonus* It's really convenient!

Remember the story I told up top? Unfortunately, its not unusual. A lot of farmers don't make it easy for people to stock up like this.

But unlike a lot of farms, we've been in your shoes. We know you're busy. And if you're willing to make a commitment, it's OUR job to make it easy for you.

That's why we offer easy online ordering, multiple fulfillment options, and a list of cuts that ensure you will love your bulk beef as much as I did.

Reserve your share HERE!

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