Columbia County Recovery Kitchen - Beef Donation

Columbia County Recovery Kitchen - Beef Donation

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It has now never been easier to make a donation to the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen. Just place your Beef donation here on the website, and Dirty Dog Farm will deliver it on your behalf.
We are offering a selection of items that we can donate in large quantities that will fit into the HUNDREDS of meals they cook each week. We are offering this Beef at a ~25% discount, and we will also be matching 10% of all our customers donations!

How it works:
1. Just place your Beef donation order, in 10lb increments, here on the website.
2. We will deliver your donations regularly in coordination with CCRK 
  • You provide local families in need with the highest quality, most nutritious, Grass Finished Beef.
  • Meat and proteins are the most needed, but least donated item to food banks. You are helping fill that void.
About Columbia County Recovery Kitchen
Families and individuals throughout Columbia County struggle with food insecurity every day, and the economic impact of the Covid-19 shutdown has hit these vulnerable communities especially hard. Even after the economy reopens, this distress will continue. In recognition of this issue, local food advocates and chefs created the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen (CCRK). Our 501-c3, volunteer organization prepares and delivers meals to adults and children throughout the county. Social workers from Columbia County schools and Columbia County social services identify those most at risk. Neighbor referrals and self-referrals are also welcome, as of 2021. Farmers donate produce, and local chefs Jamie Parry and other volunteer professionals cook and package more than 3,000 dinners a month. Drivers then deliver the meals 4 days a week.
Food Insecurity During the Pandemic

Before the pandemic began, there was little general awareness of the poverty existing in our county. The Covid-19 shutdown has forced us to recognize the vulnerable communities around us that have lost employment and are struggling with food insecurity.

Countywide, food pantries provide much-needed access to groceries, but the offerings can be limited. In addition, food pantry products rely heavily on canned goods and other foods that can be high in carbohydrates but offer little protein. Therefore, there is a critical need for healthy, balanced meals made from fresh ingredients and delivered to people’s homes. 

In recognition of this problem, local food advocates and chefs created the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen.

Within a month of conception, CCRK was up and running. The mission: to prepare and deliver nutrient-rich, balanced meals to vulnerable adults and children who have been referred to us by county social service organizations, public school social workers and the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement.