Lamb Share Deposit

Lamb Share Deposit

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Reserve your Fall Lamb today with just a deposit + shipping (local pickup/delivery are free).

You can choose between a half (15-20 pounds) and whole (30-40 pounds) lamb and place a 50% deposit ($160 deposit for a half, $320 deposit for a whole)

We'll invoice your for the final balance once your share is ready (fall Lamb will be ready in October/November, first come first served)!

We are excited to offer our second annual fall lamb share. These grass fed & finished lambs will be raised on our pastures from May until October/November, enjoying the peak grasses of the year.

The unique flavor of our lamb is a result of being 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, making it a favorite among chefs and home cooks alike.

Whether you're grilling lamb chops, slow-cooking a roast, or whipping up a hearty stew, our grass-fed lamb will take your meal to the next level!

You can choose between a half and whole lamb.

Each half will weigh 15+ pounds and include the following (a whole will be double the amount):

- Juicy and Flavorful Lamb Burger and Sausage  (in 1 lb packages)

- Lamb Chops

- 1 Mouthwatering Leg of Lamb

- 1 Shoulder Roast 

- 1 Rack of Lamb

-  Lamb Shanks

Bonus (Optional): heart, liver, kidneys, soup bones 


  • Reserve your lamb today
  • Your order will be ready in October-November (first come first served)
  • You'll be notified when your Lamb starts the dry-age process
  • We send you an invoice for the final balance
  • You'll get an email to schedule your pickup, delivery or shipping date!


A half will fit in any regular freezer, a whole will require 1-2 cubic feet (either a large attached freezer, or a small section of a dedicated chest freezer)


We offer 3 ways to fulfill your order

  1. FREE - On farm pickup at our farm in Germantown, NY
  2. Shipping throughout the Northeast (New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey). $19.99 for either lamb package.


"Best meat farm around. I love Dirty Dog Farm; Josh and Jesse are incredibly knowledgable and caring about their animals and they are always so helpful with any questions I have. Great customer service and communication! We get both chicken and beef shares and our family loves it. Thank you Dirty Dog!"

-Elizabeth, Clermont, NY

"One of the best things my partner and I have done since moving up to Columbia County was finally buy a quarter cow…. Knowing we can help just a little by buying sustainable, local (and happy!) Beef is a win for sure. Happy animals make for better tasting meat to boot, on top of just doing the right thing as a consumer. We will definitely be getting more in the future and look forward to a long relationship with Dirty Dog Farm."

- Eric and Anne-Marie, Elizaville, NY