Half Cow (200 pound share) Reservation

Half Cow (200 pound share) Reservation

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We all saw the fragility of the country's meat supply chain in 2020. Our 1/2 Cow bundle will give you peace of mind knowing you’ve made sure your family is covered

With your half beef package, you’ll have over 500 meals of 100% Grass-Fed beef in your freezer.  This package includes a wide variety of cuts from burgers and steak to roast and stir fry.  No matter the occasion, you’ll be prepared.

This package is extremely limited supply. Because we need to keep enough beef on hand to supply our members, we only make a few bundles available each month. Order today to reserve your beef!

Each package contains:
  • 500+ Meals of 100% Grass-Fed Beef  (based on 6oz. portions)
  • Just $4.69 per meal of nutritious protein!
  • 20 pounds will fit in any standard freezer
  • Each meal is packed with protein plus healthy grass-fed fats to fight inflammation and boost your immune system 

This package includes 200 pounds of beef with a mix of every cut on the animal:

  • 80 pounds of 80/20 ground beef (versatile and perfect for burgers, tacos or anything else you can imagine)
  • 25-30 pounds of premium steaks (Ribeyes/NY Strips/Tenderloin/Skirt/Flank/Hanger)
  • 25-30 pounds of value steaks (top round/chuck/sandwich steaks)
  • 30-40 pounds of sausage, stew beef, etc.
  • 25-30 pounds of roasts (tri-trip, sirloin tip, chuck, brisket, short rib, shank)