Fall Beef Share Deposits
Fall Beef Share Deposits
Fall Beef Share Deposits
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Fall Beef Share Deposits

Dirty Dog Farm
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This page is for early reservations of our Fall Beef Shares

Feel free to reach out with any questions through the chat or email (farmer@dirtydogfarm.com)!

*These shares will be ready around September 6th.*

Here's what you do:

  1. Choose the size share you want from the dropdown menu (we have a helpful guide in the product images)
  2. Pay your deposit today, and the balance when your share is ready in early September.

Your size choices

  • Eighth - 45 pounds, $200 deposit, $430 final balance ($630 total)
  • Quarter - 90 pounds, $400 deposit, $795 final balance ($1,195 total)
  • Half - 180 pounds, $800 deposit, $1,539 final balance ($2,339 total)

Each share is roughly 40% ground beef, 30% steaks, and 30% roasts, sausages and savory cuts.

Here is an example of the cut list for an eighth. A quarter would be 2 of these, and a half would be 4 times the beef.

40% Premium Ground Beef: 

15-20 lbs in convenient 1 lb packages 85/15 blend 

30% Savory Cuts: 

2-3 Roasts: Chuck, round, brisket 

2-3 stew meat in convenient 1 lb packages; 

2-3 Cross Cut Shank individually packaged; 

2 packs of short ribs; 

2-3 packs of premium sausages 

30% Dry Aged Steaks: 

2 Sirloin Tip;

2 Top Sirloin;

2 Chuck; 

2-3 Porterhouse/Tbone;

2-3 Rib Eye;

and one or two of the following 'odd cuts' too few for every box:  Skirt, Bavette (flap), Flank OR Tri-Tip.

      Delicious and Nutritious High Quality Beef

      "One of the best things my partner and I have done was finally buy into a quarter of a cow. Knowing we can help just a little by buying sustainable, local (and happy!) Beef is a win for sure. Happy animals make for better tasting meat to boot, on top of just doing the right thing. We look forward to a long relationship with Dirty Dog Farm. - Eric and Anne-Marie,Elizaville NY

      Best meat farm around. I love Dirty Dog Farm; Josh and Jesse are incredibly knowledgeable and caring about their animals and they are always so helpful with any questions I have. Great customer service and communication! We get both chicken and beef shares and our family loves it. Thank you Dirty Dog! -Elizabeth, Clermont NY

      I have been eating this amazing beef from Dirty Dog Farm since they came to Columbia County. As a professional Chef, I am always extremely blown away by the high quality delicious beef these farmers produce consistently on 100% grass! I highly recommend this amazing beef to everyone I know! - Mark, Hudson NY

      Fill your freezer without the commitment of a larger share

      Our Guarantee

      100% Satisfaction

      If you don't like our grass fed beef, we'll give your money back. We say this because we are so confident that you will love it and buy from us again.

      Deposits open starting March 1st.

      Order deadline is May 15th, if not sold out before then. First orders in are the first orders out when beef is ready.

      Your order will be ready in June to July (first come first served)

      You'll be notified when your beef starts the 14-21 day dry-age process

      You'll get an email to schedule your pickup, delivery or shipping date, and to pay your final balance.

      This share requires 1.5 to 2 cubic feet of freezer space (it will fit in an average freezer, but leave very little room)

      We offer 3 ways to fulfill your order

      1. FREE - On farm pickup at our farm in Germantown, NY

      2. FREE - delivery to Columbia, Dutchess, Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield counties

      3. Shipping throughout the Northeast (New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey). $25 for an eighth beef.