100% Grass-fed Beef Share, 6 Month Membership

100% Grass-fed Beef Share, 6 Month Membership

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Become a member and guarantee yourself a monthly supply of our 100% grass-fed and finished beef!

This is perfect for families that love beef but don't have the freezer space to stock up all at once. Your membership guarantees you 6 monthly boxes of our delicious, nourishing grass-fed beef.

  • Choose from two sizes: small (~8 pounds per month, 50 pounds over 6 months) or large (~16 pounds per month, 100 pounds over 6 months)
  • Just $4.51 per meal of nutritious protein!
  • Each meal is packed with protein plus healthy grass-fed fats to fight inflammation and boost your immune system
  • Our members get served first! This is the only way to guarantee your beef supply from Dirty Dog Farm and skip to the front of the line for popular cuts like ribeyes.
  • We try to match cuts to the season (prime steaks for grilling season, hearty slow cooker roasts for the winter), and over the course of the membership you'll get a chance to try all the different cuts of beef. 

    Each box is packed based on the season and our recent harvests, but you can expect the following:

    • 40% ground beef (versatile and perfect for burgers, tacos or anything else you can imagine)
    • 30% steaks (a mix of premium cuts like ribeye/strip/tenderloin and value options like sirloin/top round/chuck)
    • 30% roasts and sausage (depending on season, more sausage in the summer and roasts/stew/shanks in the winter)